We are committed to creating convenient alternatives to single-use plastics in order to support a world where the creative spirit, innovation and preservation of our planet come together. 


[ pronounced C • Z ] \ ˈsē -ˈzē \ SYZY is derived from the greek word “syzygos” meaning true unity; "Syzygy" the alignment of three celestial bodies; eclipse. The attraction of opposites - C. Jung. When the universe and humankind align.


Our human-first approach to sustainability is to consider the user experience and lifestyle above all else. We innovate and produce products that are intuitive, convenient and enjoyable to use. Our philosophy is if a product is designed well, less waste is created.

We believe the creative spirit is embodied by unity through differences; difference of opinion, belief, identity and values. By uniting instead of dividing ourselves from one another, we can work to create a future that is viable.